Instant Pot Ace vs. Ace Nova: Understanding the Key Differences

Are you in the market for a reliable and versatile kitchen appliance that can simplify your cooking experience? The Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova are two of the most popular blenders in the market. Understanding the key differences between these models is crucial for making an informed purchase decision. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the distinct features and functionalities of the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova, allowing you to confidently select the model that best aligns with your culinary needs. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast, a busy parent looking to save time in the kitchen, or simply seeking to enhance your culinary prowess, this comparison will provide valuable insights to aid in your decision-making process.

Quick Summary
The main difference between the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova is that the Ace Nova has an improved and more powerful blending system compared to the original Ace. The Ace Nova also offers more presets and features for smoothies, crushing ice, and making nut milk, providing a more versatile blending experience overall.

Overview Of Instant Pot Ace And Ace Nova

The Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova are both multi-functional blenders designed to make food preparations quick and efficient. With features such as the ability to cook hot ingredients, blend cold items, and puree, these appliances are ideal for making a wide variety of dishes, including soups, smoothies, and nut butters.

Both models feature a robust heating element to cook ingredients, and high-speed blades to blend and puree with ease. The Ace Nova, however, comes with 10 customizable, one-touch smart programs for easy preset blending, while the original Ace has 8. Additionally, the Ace Nova has a powerful 1000-watt motor, whereas the Ace has a slightly less powerful 900-watt motor.

In terms of design, the Ace Nova features a sleek and updated look, with an improved display, dial, and blending pitcher design. On the other hand, the original Ace has a simpler interface and design. While both blenders are fantastic choices for home-cooking enthusiasts and those looking to save time in the kitchen, the decision between the two models ultimately depends on individual preferences and the specific features that best cater to the user’s needs.

Design And Features Comparison

When comparing the design and features of the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova, it’s important to note that both models share a sleek and modern aesthetic. The Ace Nova, however, offers a slightly larger capacity at 64 ounces compared to the Ace’s 54 ounces. This allows for greater versatility in batch sizes and makes the Nova a better option for larger families or meal prepping.

In terms of features, both models are equipped with multiple functions, including the ability to blend, cook, and puree. The Ace Nova, however, introduces a new feature with its sous vide function, allowing for precision cooking at controlled temperatures. Additionally, the Nova comes with 9-in-1 capabilities, adding yogurt-making to its list of features, while the Ace offers 8-in-1 functionality. This distinction may be a determining factor for those specifically interested in making their own yogurt at home.

Overall, while both models offer impressive design and functionality, the Ace Nova’s increased capacity and additional sous vide and yogurt-making features make it a compelling choice for those seeking a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance.

Cooking Functions And Performance

Both the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova boast a range of cooking functions designed to streamline meal preparation. The Instant Pot Ace Nova offers 10-in-1 functions, including Smoothie, Purée, Ice Cream, Soy Milk, Nut Milk, Rice Milk, Congee, Flan, Rice and Soup, and the ability to cook at high speeds using the heating element at the bottom of the blender. On the other hand, the Instant Pot Ace has 8-in-1 functions, incorporating Smoothie, Purée, Ice Cream, Soy Milk, Nut Milk, Rice Milk, Congee, and Blender. Both blenders feature a 10-speed blending option and a ‘keep warm’ function, making them versatile and convenient kitchen appliances.

The Instant Pot Ace Nova is equipped with a powerful 1000W motor, while the Instant Pot Ace offers a 700W motor. The Ace Nova’s motor is the key feature that contributes to its high-speed blending capabilities and overall performance. The Ace Nova blender also boasts a redesigned cooking chamber, improved user interface, and additional pre-programmed settings, making it a notable choice for those seeking modern functionality and enhanced performance. In contrast, the Instant Pot Ace provides a reliable performance suitable for everyday blending needs, although it may lack some of the advanced features found in the Ace Nova model.

Control Panel And User Interface

When it comes to the control panel and user interface, both the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova offer user-friendly designs that prioritize ease of use. The Ace features a sleek and intuitive control panel with a selection dial and a variety of one-touch buttons for quick and effortless operation. This simplicity makes it easy for users to navigate through the different programs and settings without any hassle.

On the other hand, the Ace Nova takes it up a notch with a more modern and advanced touch screen control panel. The vibrant display and intuitive interface allow users to easily access the different functions and settings with just a few taps on the screen. This updated user interface provides a more interactive experience, allowing for greater customization and control over the blending and cooking process.

In conclusion, both the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova excel in providing accessible control panels and user interfaces that cater to different user preferences. While the Ace offers a traditional yet convenient button-and-dial system, the Ace Nova elevates the user experience with its interactive touch screen interface, making it a great option for those who prefer a more modern approach to control and operation.

Cleaning And Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova share similar features. Both models are relatively easy to clean with their detachable lid, blending jug, and food tamper. The Ace Nova, however, boasts a more streamlined design with fewer parts, making it a slightly simpler task to clean and maintain.

To clean the blenders, simply hand wash the parts with mild detergent and warm water or place them in the dishwasher for added convenience. The base of both models can be wiped down with a damp cloth, and the motor base should be kept free of debris to ensure optimal performance.

Both the Ace and Ace Nova are designed for hassle-free maintenance, and by following the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and care, users can keep their blenders in top-notch condition for delicious smoothies, soups, and other blends.

Accessories And Compatibility

Accessories and Compatibility are important considerations when comparing Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova. Both blenders are compatible with a variety of accessories, including extra pitchers and strainer bags, which can enhance their versatility and functionality. Additionally, users can purchase different blades and pitcher lids to further customize their blending experience, whether for making smoothies, soups, or nut milks.

The Ace and Ace Nova blenders come with standard accessories that include a blending pitcher, cleaning brush, and measuring cup, but there are also additional accessories available for purchase separately to meet specific user needs. The compatibility of these accessories allows for flexibility in the use of the blenders, ensuring that users can easily tailor their blending tasks to their preferences and culinary requirements.

In conclusion, while the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova blenders boast similar compatibility with various accessories, each offers a range of additional accessories that users can consider to enhance their blending experience. By understanding the accessories and compatibility options for each blender, consumers can make informed decisions based on their individual blending needs.

Price And Value

When it comes to comparing the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova, the price and value play a crucial role in decision-making. While both models offer a variety of features, the pricing differs between the two. The Ace model comes at a lower price point and still offers excellent value for individuals who are looking for an affordable option. On the other hand, the Ace Nova, being the newer model, comes with additional features and an improved design, making it a bit pricier but providing enhanced value for those willing to invest in more advanced functionality.

When considering the value, it’s essential to compare the features of each model and assess which aspects are most important for your specific needs. While the Ace model provides basic functionalities at a budget-friendly cost, the Ace Nova offers upgrades such as increased blending power and a more user-friendly interface, which could justify the higher price for many users. Ultimately, the value is subjective and depends on individual preferences and requirements, so carefully evaluating the features against the price point is critical in making an informed purchasing decision.

User Reviews And Recommendations

User Reviews and Recommendations
The user reviews and recommendations for both Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova are overwhelmingly positive. Many users appreciate the convenience and versatility of both models, highlighting features such as the multiple blending speeds, hot and cold blending settings, and the ability to make smoothies, soups, nut milk, and more with ease. Users also commend the powerful motor and durable construction of both blenders, which contribute to their longevity and overall performance.

In addition, many users specifically mention the user-friendly interface and easy-to-clean design as standout features of both the Ace and Ace Nova. The intuitive control panel and preset blending programs make it simple for users to achieve desired results with minimal effort, while the easy-to-disassemble parts ensure convenient cleaning and maintenance. Overall, users highly recommend both models for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient blender that can handle a wide variety of blending tasks.

Overall, the user reviews and recommendations for both the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova are positive, with many users praising the convenience, versatility, and user-friendly design of these blenders. If you’re in the market for a high-quality blender that can handle a variety of blending tasks with ease, both the Ace and Ace Nova come highly recommended by satisfied users.


In conclusion, both the Instant Pot Ace and Ace Nova offer unique features and capabilities that cater to different kitchen needs and preferences. The Ace Nova’s enhanced blending and cooking functions make it a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance, while the original Ace’s consistent performance and user-friendly interface make it a reliable choice for everyday use. Understanding the key differences between these two models is essential for making an informed purchasing decision based on individual requirements and priorities. Whether it’s the additional cooking functions of the Ace Nova or the simplicity and reliability of the Ace, both models can elevate your cooking experience and streamline meal preparation in a busy kitchen. With careful consideration of these differences, consumers can confidently select the Instant Pot Ace or Ace Nova that best aligns with their specific cooking goals and lifestyle.

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